May 30, 2015

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Whether you are after the natural finish of timber, the affordability of laminate or the contemporary look of vinyl, there is a flooring solution that suit your budget and lifestyle.


Timber flooring is a stunning flooring solution for any home, with its natural look and easy to clean features.

Some timbers brighten a space, while others can make it cosier.

Certain grains offer a classic look, while others integrate with the most contemporary of designs.

Timber flooring, also referred to as engineered or floating floors, uses real timber. The better the quality the timber, the better the finished floor will be.

The term ‘floating floor’ relates to a timber floor that is not directly stuck to the subfloor. Timber floors are clicked together along the four tongue and grooved interfaces and when knocked together, float as an interlocked sheet across the floor.

The quality of the core board is also important. The best quality boards ensure that the floor remains stable, will not shrink or contract with changes of weather and will last a long time. The finish of the board will also determine how long the floor will stay looking good and the amount of maintenance that will be required.

As timber is a natural product, colour variations should be expected, giving you a completely unique floor. Timber flooring offers great variety in species and style to transform your home. Timber is sold in either 1,2 or 3 strip boards.

One strip boards are long and wide, offering the classic style look for your home. Two strip boards are narrower but similar in length to the one strip board which essentially allows more boards to float across the floor giving it a livelier look.

In comparison, the three strip boards have the same wider width than the two strips but are shorter in length giving your room a more contemporary feel.

Regardless of the timber style you choose, one thing is for certain, a timber floor will never go out of style. Also, with proper care and maintenance hardwood flooring can last more than a lifetime and will add real value to your home.

So whatever its the aesthetic or functional ends you are trying to achieve with your building or renovating, a timber floor is an excellent option for your home.


Laminate is the perfect flooring solution for those wanting the look of a timber, at more of an affordable price.

Laminates are hard wearing and have a high scratch resistance, making them ideal for active rooms where a lot of traffic and wear and tear occur.

Unlike timber flooring, laminate floors require no sealant or coating, the surface is prefinished making it ideal choice for the DIY home renovator.

Compared with alternative materials, laminate is cost effective when it comes to installation and economical to maintain over the life of the floor.

Laminate Flooring is also very low maintenance and requires a low effort cleaning regime. Another benefit is its ability to reduce noise and the comfort it provides underfoot due to its soft cushion properties.

This softness of laminate flooring also provides more warmth compared to timber flooring, allowing the kids and pets to lounge around on the floor more comfortably.


Vinyl replicates various hard flooring surfaces to create a perfect look for the home whether it is stone for the living room, metal for the kitchen, slate for the bathroom or timber for the bedroom.

Vinyl flooring comes in endless options of contemporary and funky designs.

Vinyl plank can be used as a fantastic durable substitute for timber. Vinyl tiles can offer an alternative to traditional ceramic tiles. You can even use vinyl to create your own individual designs.

Vinyl is very easy to maintain and clean and suitable for people with allergies.

Another benefit of vinyl flooring is that it’s very resilient and durable, making it easier to maintain and more moisture-resistant than many alternative materials.

As a result, Vinyl flooring is preferred for use in residential kitchens and bathrooms, as well as in healthcare facilities, and commercial and retail establishments.

Plus, vinyl is one of the quieter hard flooring options, perfect for busy households where noise absorption is all important.


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