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There are a number of different finishes available for all applications, please have your floor installer discuss the best options for your floor.

Timber Floors are easy to clean, the hard smooth surface holds less allergen such as pollen, pet hair, dirt and dust. Timber floors can last and look beautiful for a lifetime and increase the value of your home.

We can have one of our many sub-contracter based customers contact you for the installation side of things where you can deal direct with the person who will be responsible for the workmanship of the job. Also saving you a large amount of money because you cut out the middle man. They have the skills to design any style of solid strip floor, boarders and inlays to customize your room.

Raw solid strip flooring is traditional and timeless in any home. We offer a variety of domestic and exotic species. Installation of a raw solid strip floor and finishing it on site gives you the smoothest surface and eliminates the bevel look of the pre-finished wood flooring.
Also, because it comes in longer lengths, it will minimize the amount of noise the floor has and with less joins will look a lot nicer and more natural.

Board sizes

There are a few different board sizes you have to choose from.
Standard sizes in hardwood are 80 x 19, 130 x 19 and 180 x 21, however there are also a few new sizes designed to go direct over concrete and plywood, 80 x 12 and 180 x 14.

Standard sizes in cypress are 62 x 19, 85 x 19, 98 x 19 and 135 x 19.

There are a few decisions you need to make before you purchase your new timber floor.

Colour Choice

Choose the colour group you prefer for your timber floor before deciding on a specific timber. There are generally three colour groups: creams, browns, and reds.


Select; This has the least amount of natural feature. In select grade you can get a small amount of gum vein and pin hole as well as colour variations. Remember even select grade can sometimes have a small amount of natural feature.

Standard; The natural features are limited meaning the gum veins are small to medium in length, there are some small natural pin holes and small tight knots and swirls throughout the boards. This is a very popular grade as it has just the right amount of natural features to satisfy most peoples taste if they are after a natural looking floor at a great price.

Feature: This is what we call the “Timber Lovers Grade”. If you enjoy the look of all the natural features like gum veins and gum pockets, small knots, small amount of surface checking and colour variations in your timber floor then this is for you. The machining is the same as select grade and it is still as structual as select grade.

Cover/Utility; Better known as Auction grade. Not recommended for a polish finish. The grade consists of large gum veins, termite galleries, knot holes, excess surface checking and miss machining.

We encourage our customers to come into our warehouse/showroom to see for themselves the different grades we can supply.

Species Hardness & Grading

I’ve seen some of the hardest hardwoods such as Ironbark look trashed after a few short years because it was not taken care of properly.

All Hardwoods Will Ding, Dent, and Scratch.

While it’s true harder hardwoods are more resistant to damaging, they will still ding, dent, and scratch under the right conditions.

My feeling has always been buy what you like and take care of it.

Looked at from another perspective, years ago nobody talked about hardness. Then it was pine, oak, and more pine and oak. Today they still represent a large portion of the floors people buy for their homes and they last!


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