June 20, 2015

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It’s always better to prevent humidity and moisture problems than to have to cure them afterwards. A few tips:

  • Despite the very good moisture resistant characteristics of Gloria Laminate floors, we do not recommend to install Gloria  Laminate in damp rooms (bathrooms, saunas, laundry areas, etc.). For bathrooms, Gloria  developed the special range, featuring special sealing of the edges, an associated rubber strip and a sealing agent.
  • Never wash your Laminate floor. Avoid standing water and other liquids on the flooring surface at all times.
  • With the  maintenance kit, you can easily clean the floor in a dry way or with minimum quantities of water (damp). The cleaning kit contains a microfiber mop and a suitable cleaning product.
  • Loose sand and dust should be removed with a vacuum cleaner. Daily cleaning can be done with a dry microfiber mop. To remove very stubborn dirt or to clean the floor more intensively, you can moisten this microfiber tissue slightly by adding cleaning product to the cleaning water.

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